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Theatre Artists Fund: Jack Sterne Marathon

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“Theatre is the art form of the present: it exists only in the present, and then it’s gone.” – Simon McBurney

“Thousands of theatre professionals in the UK are struggling. They need help now. Please consider a donation. I promise it will make a difference." - Sam Mendes

Inspired by the work of the Theatre Artists Fund during this time of crisis for the industry, I plan to run a marathon from Wimbledon to the Tower of London and back again in early February 2021. 

All money raised will go towards the Theatre Artists Fund to help theatre professionals who are in need of urgent and critical financial support due to the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the theatre sector.

More information can be found here:

Feel free to follow my progress on instagram @crackerjackalack or on Strava. 

Any donations are wholly appreciated - particularly at a time when money is tight and there are thousands of wonderful causes in need. 

Thank you x

“Come, you drunken spirits. Come, you battalions. You fields of ghosts who walk these green plains still. Come, you giants!”
― Jez Butterworth, Jerusalem




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