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Thank you for supporting #freelancerfor1pound

Having had great success with my campaign #theatrefor1pound raising money for Northern Ballet and Leeds Playhouse, I decided to carry out another project to hopefully help Freelancers with #freelancerfor1pound. I am conscious that every person in every industry has been affected by the current situation so empathetic to people’s circumstances. So the same principle of people donating £1 is I think a brilliant concept as collectively it makes a difference as all the £1’s soon add up!

The word theatre can mean different things to each of us. An annual family pantomime trip, concert, ballet, opera, play, musical, or even a school concert where you proudly see your child on stage for the very first time. Theatres allow performers to present so many different and exciting genres for audiences to experience.

Live audiences use all their senses to watch dramatic gestures and dance moves, listen to singers, digest language from actors, or tune into live music of all sounds. A whole experience in one place as you are transported into a special environment of escape and imagination.

Our daughter is a student training at Northern Ballet on their Centre for Advanced Training Programme and dreams of having a career as a ballet dancer. So as a family we are involved in this great World of The Arts. Music and performance are so important to so many of us regardless of age, ability or experience, and our aim is to help the arts not only survive, but continue to thrive. The picture and logo is of Izzy dancing in the sea while on holiday in Elie in Scotland. Her arms are up aiming high to portray reaching for the stars and to follow your dreams! Being by the sea illustrated calmness, thoughtfulness and hope. A perfect symbol and everyone is happy by the sea!

I wanted to help Theatre Arts Fund to raise funds for Freelancers who have been dramatically affected by the current situation. The list of skilled people is endless: choreographers; musicians; lighting engineers; makeup artists; costume makers; set designers; writers; actors; singers; dancers; back stage pastoral; front of house; marketing and the team who transport the set from Theatre to Theatre. It is such a huge team that’s involved in putting on a performance. I wish to raise as much money as possible for this Fund. The historic World of Theatre needs to continue for years to come so we can immerse ourselves in musicals, dance, drama, concerts, comedy and pantomime. I want to help to ensure that those students training to be in The Arts have an industry to join and those currently within  this magical world can continue to do what they love. It takes a super talented, dedicated person to perform, they give the audience a piece of their soul! 

Theatre is for everyone, so if everyone gave just £1 to keep the arts thriving that would be marvellous!


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First donation made!

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